Russian dating and marriage customs

"This created a culture that highly values extended family and maintaining close friendships." When many people think of Russia, they think of vast, frozen tundra.

That's not all there is to the country's geography.

If you are kind and not selfish your chances are very good.

But still Russian girls always expect nice treatment and the gentlemen's way of doing things: opening the door for them, holding her coat for her, letting her walk in first, etc.

Some women will insist on paying for their own meal or for the entire date, if so she will express this desire vocally but to be honest, this happens rarely.

It is the world's largest lake and holds 20 percent of the world’s supply of fresh water. Russia is the largest country in the world in terms of territory, with a total area of 6,601,668 square miles (17,098,242 square kilometers).

By comparison, the United States comprises 3,794,100 square miles (9,826,675 square km).

According to 2016 data by The World Bank, the population of Russia is more than 144,000,000, a decline since its peak of 148,689,000 in 1992.

Russia is home to at least 190 ethnic groups, according to the BBC.

Some good places for first dates are nice cafes and restaurants.

People here like culture, so invite your girlfriend to the theater, a museum or even a movie.

While Russian is the official language, many Russians also speak English as a second language.

More than 100 minority languages are spoken in Russia today, according to the BBC.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) reports that 77.7 percent of Russians are of Russian descent.