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After you sign up for a web hosting account, you will need to point your domain name to that location.Information on how to do this can be found in the guide How to Point a Domain Name to Your Website (Or What to Do After Buying Your Domain Name).Decide what you are willing to pay and then talk to you telephone company or Internet Service Provider (ISP) about their charges.

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I don't intend to bore you with all the details here.I've tried to keep things to the point and to explain the main processes involved in the very plainest of English but if you can't be bothered reading all the information below on how to set up a website just call us and I'll explain it to you personally.A domain name is the unique address that identifies your web site's location on the Internet. (I won't even tell you what that means - see the glossary link at the bottom of this page if you're interested.) WWW domain names are formed using a series of alphanumeric characters followed by your unique name and an extension, e.g. Other general extensions are also available such as for commercial sites, for business sites, for information based sites, etc.Domain names must be registered through an authorised domain name registrar.It can also be painfully slow meaning that web pages could take some time to download.

The most popular popular method is known as a High Speed Internet (HSI) connection or "Broadband".

Example: let's say you're from the USA and you're going on a touring holiday to the UK.

You'll want to find out about the accommodation options, restaurants, car hire, transport, etc. Where is the major repository for all this information? Let's say that you're going to visit the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond in Scotland, all you need to do is go to Google and type in a relevant search term such as and within a few seconds you'll have at your disposal a wealth of information about hotel accommodation in the locality.

There are several ways of doing this including the use of your domestic telephone line on a dial-up connection.

This method is OK providing that you are willing to accept your phone is engaged while you are "on line".

As mentioned in my article on More Tips on Google Search Engine Results Placement, you can also advertise in the various search engines.