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It's actually not an unusual situation, SWAT—millions of people have received similar summonses.

Without snooping, I came across texts between my wife "Mary" and a guy "Jeremy" of a very sexual nature.

While I would be okay if she were doing this and I knew about it, this has been going on since before we met.

Still, I have issues with anxiety and depression, and this is definitely triggering me.

I do not want to snoop and I want to trust her, but I am having a hard time with both.

But I run over like a starved dog when she calls at night.

(Sadly, due to stress and overwork, I usually can't get hard when I go over.Or should I just move on and if she does contact me one night, I just say, "Sorry, not interested"? But we actually have good conversations despite us both being drunk and it kinda seems like a date of some sort. Summoned With A Text She's interested in you for only one thing (sex) and at only one time (when she's drunk, horny, and out of other options)...and she can summon you with a single drunken late-night text.I have considered asking if we could open up the relationship, but I doubt that is the solution. Help Relationship Transition Whatever you do, HRT, please—please—don't ask to open up your relationship when what you really want is out.A lot of people who want out do this, and it's why so many people believe all requests to open a relationship are a sign the relationship is doomed.But if the person being summoned wants more—if the summonee has unrequited feelings for the summoner—the summoned person is going to get hurt.