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All territories of the Kingdom of the Netherlands register same-sex marriages performed in the Netherlands proper as a result of a Dutch Supreme Court ruling.

who became a registrar specifically to officiate at the weddings.A few months earlier, Mayor Cohen had been junior Minister of Justice of the Netherlands and was responsible for putting the new marriage and adoption laws through Parliament.The marriage bill passed the House of Representatives by 109 votes to 33 on 12 September 2000.a.Despite the fact that there are supposed to be only 150 members in the House of Representatives and that 29 members of the CDA were elected in the 1998 general election, the database shows that there were 30 elected members of the party at the time of the vote.However, if their existing contract did not state this requirement, they cannot be fired over a refusal.

Some local councils choose not to require registrars who object to same-sex marriage to perform ceremonies.

After the Dutch Parliament legalized same-sex marriage, the Protestant Church in the Netherlands permitted individual congregations to decide whether or not to bless such relationships as a union of love and faith before God, and in practice many churches now conduct such ceremonies.

Local governments are obliged to perform civil same-sex marriages, and they can require their personnel to conduct marriages for same-sex couples.

in case of artificial insemination by lesbian couples), would both female spouses obtain parental authority automatically (article 3sa).

In December 2013, the Dutch Parliament changed this and allowed automatic parenthood for lesbian couples.

Only the Christian parties, which held 26 of the 75 seats at the time, voted against the bill.