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You can even turn on the lights before you get home by using your phone. There is no worry about someone else or an affair, we don't have to worry about disease," said Nguyen, according to the Daily Post.

You can tell a smart speaker that's discreetly sitting across the room what to do. Yet Squire and his wife seemed to focus on other aspects."Yes, we've had fun with her.

This highlights an important question about the modern-day evolution of sexbots: How far can the attachment to an inanimate, more and more human-like machine go?

Will we relinquish relationships with other human beings for the convenience of an unreal partner, and is reality in the eye of the beholder? " Knox, Huff and Chang examine undergraduates' attitudes toward the use of inanimate sexual surrogates, as we move toward commercially available robotic sexual partners, or "sexbots." Sexbots are increasingly appearing in science-fiction movies and television shows, and have had a place in science-fiction literature for many years.

Was being able to have sex at any time without any barriers appealing (robots never get a "headache")? And was it a good idea to have robots available to meet sexual needs?

The researchers addressed whether respondents attached stigma to sex with robots, and whether they thought one could develop feelings of intimacy with a humanoid robot.

How much did respondents understand people using sex dolls, and how open they were to utilizing sex dolls for personal use?

Did they think it was possible to fall in love with a robot?Instead, she chats with Squire's kids about animals, philosophy and science. She can offer motivational quotes and also tells jokes and goes on family trips in the car. They completed a 34-item survey asking their attitudes about using sex dolls (inanimate, nonresponsive) or humanoid robots (more human-like, responsive) for sex.Survey items were aimed at clarifying multiple areas of interest.Those who saw sexual intercourse before marriage as wrong were also significantly less likely to be open to or understanding of the use of sex dolls or humanoid robots, versus those who believed that sex before marriage was OK for people who are in love, or for those who believed that sex for pleasure was OK.