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Her days were a constant barrage of commands from her Mistress, she was kept busy and was loving every second of it, she seemed that she couldn’t do enough for her Mistress, she loved and desired nothing more than being owned by the new Jackie.

The new Jackie even answered the telephone as her now, speaking with friends and her husband as if she were her, the programming using her memories to enable the sex-bot to pose as her.

Even one of her friends popped over for coffee and a chat, one of the other maid-bots answering the door.

“Please could I get you to set the system to control me and her, like you have in the past? ” “Yes, I’ve been wanting this for so long, please switch me on and turn me into her maid-bot, I want to be controlled by her – my owner.” Jackie submissively said.

“Okay, Friday lunchtime it is.” The technician said as he pressed the keyboard to start the programs running.

With her submissive side coming out more Jackie began to feel that something was missing from her playing maid-bot, sure being under the control of the system was good but she felt that she needed something else or someone to take charge of her. Yes I think so.” Jackie replied, biting her lip at the mere suggestion of someone ordering her around. ” “It’s not uncommon for people who want to experience being a maid-bot to want this. I’ve seen them, all dressed up going between clients, I’m not sure if that would work?

Her husband was still unaware of her desires and her playtime as a maid-bot; he had noticed the change in Jackie but didn’t question what was causing it. ” “Well something to control me, order me around…” Jackie said, “Make me feel less human, treat me as a servant.” “You need someone to control you then, am I right? ” Jackie said, “And how do I hide it when my husband is here at the weekends?

Jackie spent the rest of the morning at Maid-bots, Inc.

getting her body scanned and going over the requested programming required for the sex-bot to control her.

“She can made to look like whatever you want to, it depends on what you want, but we’d need you to come in for a scan so we can get the dimensions right.

That’s if you want her to look the same as you.” “That sounds exactly what I require, when can I come in? “Today, if you’re free.” Susanne said, pleased to help Jackie and also make another sale for the company.

* * * The next day the technician arrived along with a female assistant, Jackie showed them in and then had them sit on the couch.

The assistant looked familiar and it wasn’t until Jackie got a closer look she realised that it was the sex-bot she’d ordered.

“If you need anything else please give us a call at Maid-bots, Inc.” “I will and again thank you, my maid will show you out.” *** Jackie spent the rest of the week as the maid-bot being ordered and belittled by her owner, or Mistress as she now liked to be called.