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As she brought herself down, my tongue found her clit and began to lick it gently, getting an instant reaction from her."Oh fuck that feels good," she replied.

She had gotten on recently, and apparently she wanted to meet a slightly older white guy (like myself) for some strings-free sex. Hastily, before anyone else could grab her, I sent her a message and answered her call. She agreed, since we lived in the same town, and sent a picture of herself for reference when she told me where and when we should meet. An Asian girl, looked to be about 5'2, with nice, round breasts and good baby-having hips.

Her hair was mostly black and hung to her shoulders, except for the front, which was dyed pink.

"But first, suck it."Her eyes popped open as my cock came into view--she sure acted like a virgin, as I'm not that big, but I guess I'm big enough.

She reached forward with a hand and took it, and after a few seconds, licked it."Like that," I encouraged.

A few minutes later, we were in our room: a small one-bed affai. As we walked in, she grabbed her little bag and said, "Gimme a moment while I freshen up," and ducked into the bathroom--thankfully, I had taken care of that before returning to the car with the keys.

After a few minutes, she emerged wearing a white blouse and a blue skirt: totally a Japanese schoolgirl outfit, down to the silly sailor knot.She was yammering on her cell phone, but hung up as she got near the cars.It took her a moment to figure out it was mine, and she walked over. Thirty-B.""Nice.""Not that you ain't gonna see them soon anyways.""Yeah, but I still like to know.""Figures.""So if I may ask, why ya wanna get knocked up?She looked up at me as she slowly slid the head in her mouth--exquisite! A little Asian schoolgirl sucking my cock..only thing better would be sticking it up her tight little cunt. She continued to suck my hardness, and I put my hands on the back of her head, pushing her mouth down a little, giving her rhythm.Either she had sucked cock before, or she was a damned fast learner, because she was soon getting most of it in her mouth like the little expert slut that she was. I laid out on the bed and adjusted her to straddle me."I don't eat outta pussies that're filled with cum," I said.The picture had her smiling with that cute little Asian smile, and I couldn't wait to see her without her clothes on--this picture had her in a flattering shirt and jeans.