Signs u r dating a player

First rule: A man who is interested in you will always want to make plans with you.

If he’s chatting with a woman he knows and doesn’t introduce you at all, or introduces you as his “friend” then you’re being played.

If a guy likes you, he will invite you to his weekend parties or hang out with you and his friends.

Another sure sign you’re being played is that your man jumps right out of bed and heads off after you’ve slept together.

No cuddling, no future plans being made…he’s just done and gone. I once had a man tell me (in the middle of sex) that he really does love someone else, he was just using me for this. I had another guy tell me that he’s still in love with his ex, while I was still lying naked in the after-glow.

His feelings won’t increase, so don’t expect this guy to fall head over heels for you.

Now, some men are genuinely idiots when it comes to their feelings and they’re not sure exactly how they feel.If you’re trying to seriously talk about how you feel and your guy keeps blowing off your feelings or telling you you’re being too sensitive, then he’s playing you. Men fall at their knees for you when they’re trying to get laid, they pay attention to you, they open the doors for you, they even text and call you asking you how your day was.This guy does not want to be emotionally involved and he’s definitely using you. If your guy doesn’t keep up the good behavior AFTER you’ve had sex, but starts being attentive again in a couple of weeks (or drunk on the weekends), then you’re being played.Unless you’ve heard all about his best friend, and he’s told that friend all about you, you should always be introduced as his girlfriend.If he refers to you as his “friend” and you’ve been sleeping together, then you’re being played.7 and we already have our tickets for the Sean Lowe gun show.