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This is the biggest problem men have when it comes to talking to new women because they assume that any interest a woman has is sexual even when it’s obvious the girl is simply being polite.

This leads to guys looking for signs of attraction which are mostly useless, punch yourself in the face if you’re still looking for: Girls flicking their hair Girls licking their lips Girls tilting their heads etc…

Instead you need to focus on the two best signs of attraction that will almost always be accurate 1.

Will she move with you (even if it’s just 5 feet) 2. If the answer to either of these questions is no and you have been talking to a woman for more than 5 mins it’s time to move on as she’s not attracted to you.

If she says yes, I can give her a high five and say something like “ Yes I love to party too! ” If she says no, I can still qualify her by saying something like “ That’s good, I’m kinda over the party scene myself.” Either way I’m qualifying her, giving her a reason I like her, and building rapport by showing her that we have something in common.

We can take it a step further by then cold reading her on what she just agreed to.

In this article I’m going to strap on my nerd googles and get super technical and tactical in breaking down how I use questions and cold reads to create a double bind, where no matter how a woman answers it moves her one step closer to my bed.

This is an extremely effective technique which allows you to use a bunch of different tactics like cold reading, pacing, sexual framing and building rapport.

Now that sexual intelligence can only come through experience (unless you are reading this article! Get it Out Into The Open Right Away When you get the subject of sex out in the open right away, then it frees you up to go even deeper in the sexual attraction arena and puts you in a good position to move towards sex. You can actually focus on sex when you get it out of the way.

And, I am just saying that you get the idea of sex out to the woman you are gaming. If so, you will be slotted in the non-sexual domain, which will make you look weak and seem weird. null Teasing her and implying her sexuality as strong can be done. You: Well, you gave me a really sexual look right now.

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Like I bet you do whatever you want regardless of what your friends say. Now I’m using the double bind to start sexually framing her as someone who does whatever she wants no matter what her friends think.