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The gay guys set up and manage profiles for their lesbian friends on Her, while the women set up and manage Grindr accounts — and they couldn't be more different.

I mean, I would hasten to add that they aren't necessarily equivalents.

The show's first five episodes have averaged 11 million viewers and reached a peak audience of 14 million. , in which two strangers exchange phones before deciding whether to go on a date, was the first Snapchat series produced by Elisabeth Murdoch's Vertical Networks.

The company, which has offices in Venice not far from the headquarters of Snapchat's parent company, also operates the male-oriented Discover channel Brother.

As soon as two users swipe to accept each other, they are automatically added as "friends" on Snapchat, meaning they can begin sending each other photos right away - even if they don't know each other.

A schoolgirl in Limerick, Ireland - where the app is taking off - told the Irish Mirror: “People would send nudes and underwear pictures, boys and girls both - it’s mostly used to text and get pictures from each other".

“Snapchat is a very hard one for parents to monitor, because the pictures more or less delete themselves.

“Then again, it says it’ll delete them after a couple of seconds, but that’s not always what happens — if they’re quick enough, they’ll screenshot it,” she said.“The focus is on the phone and how, in the modern world, it’s the equivalent of people’s diaries.It’s where you keep your secrets,” said Tom Wright, chief executive of Elisabeth Murdoch’s Vertical Networks, the show’s Venice-based creator.“Millions of Snapchatters became loyal viewers of season one of Phone Swap, making the decision to bring the Show back for a second season an easy one,” said Sean Mills, Snap’s head of original content. The dating series has been renewed two months after its premiere on the app.Since the premiere of ," Vertical Networks CEO Tom Wright said.