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The difficulties with relationships come when young adults are not looking to remain faithful, or generally, there is a lack of compatibility between the two individuals.

Compatibility usually refers to a connection shared between the two individuals' zodiac signs.

To improve upon and/or ensure a healthy relationship, Cancer needs to stop overreacting to small situations and understand that their partners also have the most confident of all the zodiac signs, although this is often mistaken for arrogance and narcissism.Leo are so full of themselves that, similar to Taurus, they devise a false reality.Gemini, contrary to popular belief, are capable of having long-term relationships; however, commitment is always on their terms because of their constant need for freedom.Gemini like to come and go as they please and this aspect may cause their partner to feel restricted within the relationships.For most young adults nowadays, dating and relationships are not what they used to be.

The term "courting" has become outdated and relationships have ultimately changed into "situationships." So long to relationships as we all have known them.Leo is in love with the idea of love, but often become stuck in their false reality.They have trouble recognizing and understanding the problems of their partners because they believe love is supposed to happen naturally.Leo is so stuck in their fantasy that they believe they do not have to put in the work to make a relationship prosper.To improve upon and/or ensure a healthy relationship, Leo needs to stop being unrealistic and self-centered.To improve upon and/or ensure a healthy relationship, Gemini needs to realize that their needs are not the only important ones in the relationship.