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While some teenagers are certainly easier than others to deal with, all of them must be expected to adhere to a basic set of safety and respect based guidelines.

Ideally, all of their parental figures who are influential in the life of a teenager would work together to establish and enforce a set of standards for behaviour that the teen is expected to comply with, no matter which of their parents’ homes they are at.

It can be difficult for parents and stepparents to work together, though, but the resulting differences of rules at each house can end up working against all of the parents’ hopes to raise a teenager who is well-behaved and self controlled.

I should make it clear that he never had never talked back before, out of fear. I don't think any of the 3 of them have coping skills for change- I'm hoping this helps.

He lost cell privileges all the time for things like not eating all his vegetables, or leaving the bedroom light on. I loved his boys and really thought I did my best to make them happy and comfortable- cooking what they liked, cleaning their rooms, going to their games. It seems you are in a really tricky position - but it sounds like you have done the right thing and it has given him time to think and reflect.

My workoholic son took his son anyway, but only around once a month. It is incredibly helpful to hear from a male/father who has experience with spouses/children/step-children.

I don’t think they even go anymore The hatred grew between the evil step mother & my precious grandson, until finally 1–1/2 yrs ago after returning home after the summer with his mother in a different state; she started verbally bullying as usual, and for the 1st time ever he broke loose and screamed all the hateful things he had ever wanted to say for the past 5 years. He is going to a therapist today and seems committed to addressing these issues and also says he is going to insist his boys go as well after he has had a few sessions.

Although teens are nearly adults, they are not quite there and still need guidance from their parents and stepparents.

Teenagers may be inclined to deny their stepparents’ authority, but it is only reasonable that the kids in the house (and that includes teens) be expected to offer their stepparents a reasonable amount of respect and compliance.My son was easily convinced by her that the son was in the wrong, not her.And that she was only trying to “make him stronger”. My clueless son was in love and didn’t want to fail at a 2nd marriage.While it can be challenging to deal with the moods and sometimes less than stellar behaviour of teens, parents and stepparents must try to keep their own emotions in check as they guide their teenagers toward adulthood. Speak to hubby and try to sort the matter out with him. The issue is that I've sorted all the rebellion problems out with her and now I have met someone who has two teenage daughters who are giving me the same hell. She was living with her mother until 3 years ago when he got custody. She’s very disrespectful and sometimes I think I am going to have to call the police on her. I’m trying to find a self-help book for my 46 yr old son to read, but can’t find anything that might address his truly special set of problems.Calm, consistent discipline, reasonable rules, and a willingness to listen can all help teenagers and their parents to get through the turbulent teen years with as little drama as possible. My husband drives trucks and is gone for 3 weeks at a time. He has a very sensitive, depressed,16 yr old son who has been through so much.There is no one home to drop my grandson off at a friends house, or work or school when needed. she has him convinced that WE are the narcissists who just want to control his life. If you can't get on with the kids save yourself a lot of anger and heartache and don't marry the parent. Who is very disrespectful to not only me but his mother. He is very disrespectful to me and instead of my fiancee making him mind we end up fighting or not speaking for days after. he will just not want to rock the boat or upset you further.