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“A lot of these projects, when artists release them, they’re still pretty predominantly men that hold these positions and we thought, ‘It would be so cool to get a ton of women to do it.'” The end result includes notable covers by Cyndi Lauper, Hayley Williams of Paramore, Chvrches, and Sara Bareilles, but the album goes well beyond merely showcasing established women in the industry.

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I worked for many years for High Speed Productions, Inc. Over the years I have worked with Vans in different ways. It is hard not to be interested, at the moment I'm trying to stay focussed on what is in front of me and who knows what happens down the road. The easier question might be "where don't you want to go? My whole life I have wanted to travel and see new places and when I am shooting travel photos it is like everything looks like a postcard.6. Doug Palladini who authored the book, put a lot of trust in me. I like shooting photos of people because like people I love David La Chapelle's work. Your most recent shots of Tegan & Sara, the monochromatic ones, are my favorite of them! “The band’s platform and success over the years has made it even more crucial that we’re not just out there marketing songs and selfies and whatever.I would feel terrible if the only thing that we were putting out into the world were things that people could buy all the time.” We Didn’t Do It (For The Money) The Quins have been politically engaged from the start of their careers. “I was just totally off-balance,” Sara Quin recalls.

“A lot of times when we go out and tour an album, there is quite a disconnect from the original stories or experiences that inspired the songs.

It was by far the darkest and most passionate from an indie-pop act known for charming and catchy harmonized hooks and clever, self-aware and self-deprecating lyrics and wordplay.

Since , and particularly in recent years, the identical twins have also stepped up their visibility and advocacy as LGBTQ role models and leaders.

And we also are living on stolen land from our indigenous people.” That said, at the moment there is more hope up north, where in 2015 citizens voted in a liberal government after 11 years of conservative rule. There just is not the same opportunities for women, which is ludicrous in 2017.” Shock To Your System The Tegan and Sara Foundation was actually conceived years ago, prior to Trump’s ascent and the general rise of progressive “woke” consciousness.

“Prime Minister Trudeau is definitely trying to change things, and Sara and I are really excited to work with the government to try to improve on some of the issues that we see in the arts and S. The musicians sensed unmet needs and opportunities in the LGBTQ community from regularly traveling and touring across the country.

And there are very specific pillars that we’re focused on — healthcare and economics, but also representation….