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, the cuddler mentioned above, I melted in a way that let me orgasm in waves and waves. Watching for each new text to arrive with heart beating hard and breath getting fast.

I was completely alone in the experience physically but his energy was all around and over me. I don't think he realizes what his texts are doing to and for me. Maybe one day we will add that dimension but until I am ready to be with someone physically again, I plan on having some some great sexual fun and enjoy the anonymity of the internet in a way that works for me. The crazy anticipatory turn-on knowing you have a person with you in real time and all about your pleasure is ridiculous.

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I’m basically filling in the blanks according to your interests.” 7. Lonely: What it means: I’m scared of being in my house alone.

Evaluating options: What it means: “I may or may not want to see you. Emoji time: You sent them a thoughtful, detailed message, and you get…this in response. Basically, they want to keep you in their texting inbox, but they don’t really want to put effort into it.

Without touching myself, speaking to anyone or watching any porn..the always fabulous erotica created by women for women that I love. I can barely resist him and while I know he is interested and seems to care about me beyond how good we could be physically, I am just not in a position to be having sex with someone right now. He was detailing what he wanted to be doing to me, had a degree of fun and creativity and it was mildly hot. I have a specialty It involves warm coconut oil smeared all over a willing body then massaged in slowly rubbed over every inch of skin everyone needs a sensual touch would u like me to touch u i can see myself there with u my hands running over your legs down with the tips of my fingers along your inner thighs. I work my way down your body with my tongue tasting you, nipping at you on the way to labia quivering for me.

Mildly because he had me naked immediately and was acting as if I was already aroused and ready for that. edging closer to your ladyness i might stop u from breathing holding u so tightly as to feel your heart pound through your chest a pass of my tongue along your neck a hand in your hair pulling your head backwards exposing your throat to my mouth your chest to my lips your nipple to my teeth my hand on the small of your back lifting you to my hunger for your flesh with open mouth i take your breast my hand slides down to your ass then down your leg my mouth on yours my tongue entwined with yours heat rising from our bodies as we roll on top of the bed hands grasping at your body pulling you against me I reach to touch your breast as I run my fingers across your belly putting my lips to your neck stop for a second brush your hair from your face look into your eyes as i begin to move down your body your hands find my hair. I love you like this aching for me, legs waiting, open hips gyrate and lift toward my mouth i hear you panting hard my hand on the center of your chest feeling your heart pound in anticipation at last my mouth finds you gasps and small cries breathing fast and furious yes Angel I hold you just right just how you love it slow soft licks and kisses and then pressing into you your fingers wrapped in my hair scratching and then you stop as i suck slow and strong you fall back and your body takes over wave after wave i feel you cum taste you free you I crawl back up and wrap my arms around you as you tremble still holding you as your breathing ever so slowly settles down as you get lost in the orgasmic echoes I envy and enjoy your orgasms with you at the same time.

They want to keep texting you, but are relying on you to pick up the slack. Time to put in some effort: What it means: This text is significant, but only if it comes after like a month of them being totally MIA. Late at night (when this text, statistically speaking, is most likely to be sent)? Have you ever gotten any texts like this from a hookup buddy?

In most cases, it comes as a response to something they saw that reminded them of you (a really great selfie on Insta, perhaps? Note the unusual attention to detail here–there’s punctuation; a comma . Sliding into your DMs IRL, so to speak: What it means: This says, “I wanted to initiate a conversation with you, but I don’t want to build it off of something concrete.” Enter an awkward discussion of your rapidly disappearing Snapchat story. Netflix n chill: What it means: “I want you to come over. The classic: What it means: Well, this depends on the time.

Text: "What is a little harmless cuddling between two consenting cuddlers." It was those adorable words that started it all. A piece of resistance to letting myself be loved again fell away as I let myself desire that cuddle so adorably offered. Even though this young man was a master and knew just what to say to keep me engaged, I was still intimidated. He was not the only one involved why I was on the site in the first place.

He was impossibly young and I had resisted as long as I possibly could. Little did I know that an hour long orgasm was in the cards for me. I am killer attracted to a younger man who is not available to me right now. Fun In Ohio was texting me on line in a private chat room.

I felt safe and relaxed like never before and I just coasted into a matchless body state.

There is something about being alone that let me relax in a profoundly deeper way than I do with a partner. I just sat there on the couch and my body went to a place of crazy delicious and over the top feel good.

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