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the contestant attempts to answer seven questions before they are completely mummified.

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Weirdness is embraced to the fullest extent and it’s not unusual to see things like: — Contestants on this game show are forced to solve puzzles and answer questions, which may sound simple enough.However, the show makes sure the pressure is at an all time extreme by having the contestants in high-stress scenarios while playing.Before that, she had no acting credits to her name.Her character in Precious was an overweight, abused, illiterate teen who was pregnant with her second child in New York’s …Jay Jay Murray is a roofer at Empire UPVC & Roofing Specialists in Waltham Cross.You might enjoy reading about ship launches that go wrong if: …Game of Thrones fans can get pretty heated when it comes to debates, and this can make it pretty fun for those in the cast.

The actors and actresses of the show, now in its seventh season, often joke around and ‘throw shade’ on their Instagram.

His most recent Facebook post tells of an inspiring story where he and his colleagues helped a homeless person by giving them a chance.

Most people who are homeless just aren’t given opportunities to showcase their …It can sometimes feel like you have to jump through hoops just to solve the most minor problems in life.

Well, a lot of things can actually go wrong during a ship launch.

Whether it’s a ship tipping over or just flat out sinking, you never know when a ship launch will fail miserably.

Unfortunately the first online trend of 2017 is pretty ridiculous, thanks to a tweet by Twitter user @zorinquin.