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And if you have worked on yourself and your priorities, the right people and opportunities will show themselves.One of the reasons high school can be terrible or some job can be awful is because we get stuck with the same people and the same routines.Nothing new or interesting happens unless someone new comes into the group.

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Once the friendship was left behind, it withered and died.

Relationships, like plants, need things to live and more care to thrive.

Even the worst dating article I read had a truth in it; no one will make you a priority until you make them show you are a priority. But really, if you don’t like being an option and you don’t like being taken for granted and if you want more, you have to have “the talk.” I know this is the best thing and should be probably number one.

And if you are hanging around hoping that certain someone will finally give you the metaphoric red roses you deserve, you have turned your back on the person who is already ready to do so. It probably makes all the other stuff I’ve said non-issues.

By indulging yourself, doing what you want, when you want, how you want, even if you are alone while doing it, you are really carving out your own dominion.

The people who want to make you a priority will come to your kingdom or they can play elsewhere.Don’t dump your energy into people who are not valuing you. But do give yourself to helping others and causes you care about, you will be doing something of value.And just think of it, you just added another reason you are a valuable, worthy person. It is difficult for me not to look back on the good times with people and not think better times will come around, but realistically, you shouldn’t turn back.Someone taught you to be the “option person,” and you have to get real about who that person or those people are. Every day we spend time looking in mirrors to check out our face, teeth, and clothes.It will be life altering when you take the blinders off. It may sound dopey, but for all the time you might spend criticizing and putting yourself down, you at the least need to make a mental lists of your valuable assets. You have your funny side, your compassionate side, your loving side, your nurturing side, your smart side, your hard-working side, and so many other sides. Have some internal, introspective, beneath-the-surface qualities that demonstrate you are worthy. After internalizing your list, you’ll notice better when others don’t appreciate you, and you’ll know sooner to stop wasting emotional energy on them or to re-prioritize them as an option person, too.Once you have realized you are the option, not the priority, a priority person will not look back or go back to being the option person. I haven’t had the experience where someone wanted to know what went wrong and try to work on things.