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It’s not a big island, but there’s still plenty to do and explore.

Best Party Hostel on Koh Phangan Echo Beach Backpackers – THIS is actually one of my favorite hostels in Thailand.

It may not be the cleanest or most comfortable, but the party vibes here are incredible!!

While the current party status of Vang Vieng might be a little bit more tame than “the glory days”…have no fear– . When you’re not tubing, you’ll most likely find yourself paryting at one place — SAKURA BAR.

The motto of this place is “Drink Triple, See Double, Act Single.” This place gets ridiculous at night, and you’ll definitely love it. M, decent drink specials, and sell large laughing gas balloons.

Best Party Hostel on Koh Phi Phi Blanco Beach Bar – this place is insane!

Favorite Places to Party The “Island Of The [Party] Gods”.

There is a “weekly schedule” on the island for which bars / clubs to go to, and each and every one of them is a pretty damn good time.

As well, Gili Trawangan has two booze cruise parties that are too epic for words.

Parties On The Island To Check Out Other Than The Full Moon Party The hedonistic party capitol of Laos has gotten a bad reputation in the past decade for being a destination fueled by booze, drugs, sex, and irresponsible backpackers.

Several years ago a few backpackers died in Vang Vieng, and the local authorities finally cracked down on the city. It’s basically a bar crawl, but instead of walking from place to place, you float down your tube (beer in hand), and get pulled back to the mainland with a rope at the next bar. Everyone is here to meet people, drink, and have a good time.

If you don’t want to carry one, be on the look-out for it around the hostels to browse through!