Updating firmware on ps3

Blu-ray discs with BD-Java cannot be resumed by the player automatically.

You have to use the programming on the disc (if such exists) to set a bookmark or some other saved point.

The studios are responsible for disc authoring issues that the player cannot override.

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Note Subtitle shifting is a feature the Constant Image Height users like.It can be used to shift subtitles out of the black bars and onto the image itself. Even though I use a simple flat panel without zoom, I find myself using the feature as well.I like the subtitles as low on the screen as possible.There is no 24p output available for this type of source.There is no interpolation for Deep Color in the BDP-83 or its Anchor Bay ABT2010 video processor.

The extra bits (color depth) available in the HDMI 1.3 Deep Color mode are used to preserve the precision of calculation.

Note that this works for DVD and Blu-ray both with and without BD-Java features. Another restriction is that the shift is purely "up" and "down".

Sometimes subtitles appear high on the display (for example, so as not to obscure onscreen credits) and it would be nice if these were shifted down when lower titles were shifted up, but the player does not currently do that.

Someone could produce a test pattern demonstrating the effect with and without, but I haven't seen one yet.

The sad truth is that Blu-ray and DVD use the same rather limited 8-bit greyscale and color gamut. Whatever setting you choose is automatically saved in Setup.

The video processing engines inside the display feeding those display elements may also only do their math at 10 bits per component or even 8 bits.