Updating linux kernel

Within the confines of this article you will learn how to keep your Linux system up to date.

In the process you might also learn how to install an application or two.

Ksplice Uptrack Update List The panel icon will also return to normal, as shown in Figure 5: Figure 5.

Ksplice Uptrack Access Policies When new rebootless updates are available for one of your distributions, we'll send an announcement to your technical contact address.

Many years ago, when I first began with Linux, installing applications and keeping a system up to date was not an easy feat.

Get an in-depth look at your machine's status on its machine detail page, where you can see the available and installed updates, basic system information, uptime, and when the machine last communicated with a Ksplice Uptrack server, as shown in Figure 7: Figure 7.

Ksplice Uptrack Machine Detail Page Want an extra layer of control over which machines using your access can use the Ksplice Uptrack service?

Ksplice Uptrack Alert Icon You can click the icon to view the available updates, as shown in Figure 2: Figure 2.

New Updates Available Click the Install all updates button to start the update process.There is one thing to understand about updating Linux: Not every distribution handles this process in the same fashion.In fact, some distributions are distinctly different down to the type of file types they use for package management.Under this plan, you would install all the updates available via both Ksplice Uptrack and your package manager.Ksplice Uptrack also works great in environments where it is desirable to stay with a particular original kernel version (for example, because of third-party modules that are compiled against that kernel), but you want to stay up to date with all the important security and reliability updates for your kernel. This feature is currently available for Ubuntu 12.04, 11.10, 11.04, and 10.04 LTS and for Fedora 17 and 16.You will be notified via e-mail when a new Ksplice Uptrack client is available, and you can upgrade the client through your package manager.