Updating marble fireplace

They were over the modern industrial look, but loved the location.

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You’re saying to yourself “Yeah, that’s great, but I’m trying to make my fireplace blend in a little more…” Have no fear, I have an option for you, too. The Natural Stone Institute can help connect you with a skilled craftsperson in your area that can bring your vision to life.Santa will be shimmying down thousands of chimneys this Christmas.It looks clean and fresh and can work with virtually every style decor,” says Franks. And you can really dress it up or down depending on what you accessorize the mantel with,” says Franks.Rough-hewn mantel The perfect juxtaposition in design, a rough-hewn mantel adds an earthy, organic feel to a fireplace. After cleaning the tile I gave it a final ‘rinse’ and wiped it down with a slightly wet cloth (with just water, no soap) and let it air dry. Tape around the entire tile with the painter’s tape. Paint away using the flat artist brushes and the white tile paint! Each coat dries quickly though so I was able to finish in 2 days. Not completely matte, just a very soft shine – it’s perfect!

I even taped out the hearth tile by applying the tape right onto the carpet! After 1 coat: When the paint has completely dried remove the painter’s tape.

“Designers and builders are using marble in the kitchen, bath and fireplace surround.

It adds a luxurious note to a home and really never goes out of style,” says Franks, who designed all of the fireplace and interiors seen here.

Painted Brick Painted brick is the best of both worlds.

Not as sleek as marble, nor as rustic as stone, painted brick can read traditional or modern depending on the elements you surround it with. And it is an instant update to an existing fireplace that perhaps has an unattractive colored brick.

They like their house, and love their neighborhood.