Updating to new version of eclipse

Like creating the CQ, this step requires commit rights, specifically to Orbit.

updating to new version of eclipse-42updating to new version of eclipse-66updating to new version of eclipse-67

Once you are happy with the new version and everything is working as expected, we have to open a CQ to get approval to add the new version to Orbit and to use it in the platform. Leading to the next section, actually getting it into Orbit.

With the use of the new version approved in the last section, we need to commit the new bundle to Orbit.

Also take note the Apache download page mentions you might need special steps to extract the distributions due to really long file names.

With the latest version of Apache Ant acquired and an old version of the Ant bundle to compare to, lets create the new version in our workspace.

So best to just keep all your other bundles closed while you create the new version. At this point we have the complete bundle shape, all that remains is to add the updated Ant libraries / files.

First we will start with updating the binary parts of the bundle.

Below is a quick overview of the process, with the following sections providing more details.

A quick overview of the process: The first step is to create the new Orbit bundle that can be used in your workspace (or installed in your host) to test with.

I am looking for steps to upgrade my current eclipse version(Mars) to latest version(Oxygen) because I have been using Masr for past long time so that contains all the settings, plugins and all the histories so I would like to retain the same and also upgrade to new version.

Eclipse consumes Apache Ant from Orbit as a 'normal' Eclipse bundle rather than try to integrate Apache Ant as-is.

The first step to creating our new orbit bundle is grabbing the binary and source distributions of Apache Ant.