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The new Embroidery Unlimited machine brought professional embroidery and monogramming to your personal computer.

Singer introduced an entire new line of state-of the-art sewing machines with models designed to meet individual needs and budgets.These machines were built with "Duratec," a unique material which is stronger and lighter than aluminum yet provides double insulation. Phelps of Boston was manufacturing sewing machines under license from John A. The Lerow and Blodgett machine was not very practical.The circular movement of the shuttle took a twist out of the thread at every revolution.Singer introduced the Magic Steam Ironing Press™, an at-home version of presses found in most tailor shops and dry cleaning stores.

The Magic Steam Ironing Press was introduced, an at-home version of presses found in most tailor shops and dry cleaning stores.

Singer Sewing Centers train an estimated 400,000 housewives.

Singer recovers from World War II when sewing machine production was suspended, reaching 7.8 million in sales during its centennial year. In the following years the Company will make acquisitions in electric and electric test equipment and office machinery, including Packard Bell Electronics (1966) and General Precision Equipment Corporation (1968).

According to the International Sewing Machine Collectors’ Society, the White Sewing Machine Company began production in 1858 and was manufacturing approximately 60,000 machines each year by the 1880s.

From the 1930s to the 1950s, White supplied all the sewing machines sold by Sears Roebuck and Company.

The Magic Steam Press cut ironing time in half and included a variable temperature control and automatic shut-off safety feature, plus burst of steam for stubborn wrinkles.