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After they got called on it, they "promised" never to do something like that again while showing a picture of the Battletoads in the first NES Double Dragon which predated it by years.

They couldn't know that later Rare really would make a game called Battletoads and Double Dragon.

Mortal Kombat had already pissed off plenty of parents, why not take it to the next level?

The MK clone Tattoo Assassins ran with this idea and actually implemented "nude-alities".

In Mortal Kombat II , the female characters were rumored to have "nude-alities".

Heck of it is, it actually sounded somewhat plausible at the time.

More from the Tomb Raider series: The two games are believed to contain various unused assets not included in other releases.

These range from different outfits, unused weapons, better lighting in the case of Tomb Raider III , and even unreleased levels, such as the entire Peru section that was cut from the final version of Tomb Raider III. Apparently, have had to find a secret room hidden in the Aquatic Research Area to acquire it.

A fan mod not only made the volcano climbable, but also imported data from Myst V to explore.

The Commodore 64 graphic adventure game named Castle Of Terror gained a reputation for being Nintendo Hard because it seemed to be impossible to kill Count Dracula at the end of the game.

However, it was Played for Laughs rather than titillation: Parodied by This Is Otakudom, where they find a working nude code for Space Channel 5 , "Dude, they have screen shots" but later realized that it's actually codes for Mario. This was entirely spun out of misunderstanding a scene where Mega Man accidentally walks in on Roll in the shower ; the only thing you see is Mega Man's embarrassed expression.

People who hadn't seen the scene assumed this means the player can see Roll naked.

Due to a number of odd "clues" in the game, a number of people are searching Shadow of the Colossus for hidden secrets and a "17th colossus" that keeps coming up in discussion despite absolutely no evidence or reason for it.