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This was somewhat of a depressing season for loyal Falcon Cam viewers.

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Peregrines incubate for around 30 days, so hatch watch will begin during the first week of May.The female and male will take turns incubating with the female doing the majority of incubation.She had three on April 3, so the fourth must have been laid on April 5.They both have been sitting pretty tight, so it has been hard to catch a glimpse of the fourth egg, but one viewer posted a screenshot of all four eggs two days ago.This is her third year of nesting at 101 Hudson St.

In 2016, she laid one egg but it was never incubated (we believe there was a shakeup with the pair or the unbanded male was replaced).Activity will really pick up once the young start to hatch.The male will begin to catch more prey which he will deliver to the nest and his mate.The Falcon Cam will begin streaming in March for the 2018 nesting season. Everything turned on and started working right away.We went out on the roof check the nestbox and clean off the lens covers. Our camera consultant got a snapshot of the female, so she is around too.We're usually able to ID each bird (if they are banded) at every nest using this method, which we've helped with over the past 10 years.