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That's more like a "roasted over an open fire" scenario. The fire is big enough that she'll be feeling plenty of heat and smoke from even a few feet higher, and she'll kick and struggle even longer that way, which will prolong her suffering. I thought that was a rotator motor that made it turn.

I would have thought you, of all people, would know the difference. You did such a great job why ruin the fun by a retracting post? BP wrote: I'm thinking that a 'Death Trap' is one where the death comes when the victim gives up. If she can hang on, she'll get to live for an indefinite period of time.

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However, I remain unbowed, inspired by your masterpieces and will continue to persevere until I have reached some basic level of competence Your devoted novice, Willie Two comments. I think we need to see more of the girl who is attacked by the crawling dick. Scrolling down and seeing the different pictures posted today, I think Turkey should be banned at Thanksgiving! I'm thinking that a 'Death Trap' is one where the death comes when the victim gives up.

Bill K: That's not technically a BATS artwork, since there's no stake. The fun there would be that sooner or later her leg muscles will give out and that starts the death.

Would you call locking someone in a burning house, BATS?

After all, you claim any method of burning her alive with an open flame should be called the same thing. Likewise, burning at the stake is definitely NOT the same as roasting and shouldn't be labeled the same way.

And if they aren't nearby, she's better off just shouting for help, because the GIMPers neglected to gag her. Also, I posted a preview of my upcoming custom with H3eroine L3gends: Since Yik Yakker brought up detective magazine covers, this site, might be of interest. Bad, but not as bad as the fate the girl in the picture is trying to avoid. I am registered on Artof Darkness and have been a fan of your work for sometime.

Oh well, it's just an excuse to show a babe in deshabille, which is OK I guess. It features a calendar for the month, with each day a different cover. Unfortunately, there is no archive of previous months. I have recently taken to dabbling in the digital medium using DAZ 3D, but your illustrations are so skillful that I am ashamed to post anything of my own.Some of the other examples you mentioned are variations of BATS...close, but still not quite the same thing.I'll use this post as an excuse to post a picture of a true BATS...Gosh...whipping, crucifixion -------------------- Remember when you could get detective magazines with a GIMP scene on the cover for a mere 10 cents? Here's another interesting one: I like that she's bound with wrists behind the back and forced to kneel on the floor next to the radiator.It looks like she was complaining about the heat so they tore some of her clothing off (at least, to the degree that could be shown back in those days).I call any method of burning a witch alive with an open flame Bats. The acronym BATS stands for Burning At The Stake..key word being "stake".