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In 1993 he was featured in thriller movie Slaughter of the Innocents.

In 1996 he was featured in an American sci-fi fantasy sitcom Aliens in the Family.

After his first breakup he dated with the country music song writer for a year who was also the member of music band SHe DAISY. He has not married yet so he has not been through a divorce for obvious.

And later he was engaged with the actress, they meet in during filming of In the Company of Men and later they separated in 1998. And after few years of dating he ended his relation, there were also rumors that they separated due t Aaron’s relationship with other girls.

Again in 2009, he started dating an American supermodel and actress Molly Sims. He is not married yet and there is no information relating Aaron’s spouse or children.

“Aaron flipped out,” says a source, “He’s an incredibly private guy.” Still, the sudden breakup might be a blessing in disguise for Molly, who had been growing disenchanted with Eckhart. And personally, I don’t know if anyone else has this, but he sort of beeps on my gaydar.

Days after she fessed up in a mid-November interview to her under-the-radar romance with Aaron Eckhart, he dumped her for spilling the beans.

Aaron made his appearance in black comedy film Your Friends & Neighbors and American crime thriller black comedy film Thursday in 1998.

In 2006 he appeared in numerous movie including Conversations with Other Women, The Wicker Man and The Black Dahlia.

Aaron Eckhart has maintained a huge net worth of 25 million dollars and his salary is about few hundred thousand per movies.

An American film and stage actor who is better known for his role as Harvey Dent, also known as Two Face, in The Dark Knight.

His mother was a James Conrad Eckhart and his father was a computer executive. Aaron Eckhart attended American Community School, which is currently known as ACS International Schools.

Later he joined American International School of Sydney for his high school.

Aaron Eckhart had been fantastic throughout his acting career.