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Before sending it she rubbed her perfume on it like a magical charm. He would repaint their faces and glue human hair onto their heads.

The resulting creatures were both beautiful and grotesque, looking as much like child corpses as dolls.

Seeing the band in concert later, she was more struck by their strange physical appearance: “Krist was really, really big,” she observed, “and he dwarfed Kurt to the point where you couldn’t see how cute Kurt was because he looked like a tiny boy.”Her opinion of Nirvana, and the tiny boy, changed entirely when she bought the “Sliver” single in October 1990.

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’ ” On the B-side was “Dive,” which became her favorite Nirvana song.“It is so sexy, and sexual, and strange, and haunting,” she noted.She read Nirvana’s clips in the rock press, and she put Kurt’s Chim Chim sticker on her guitar case, even though she remained unconvinced about the band—their early material was too metal for her.Like most rock critics at the time, she preferred Mudhoney, and after listening to “Love Buzz” in a record store, she passed on buying the single.Courtney Love's dodging making a decision on who gets Kurt Cobain's famous guitar -- their daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, or her estranged husband ... Isaiah Silva -- who's in an ongoing divorce with Frances -- claims Courtney's refused to come to the door twice when his investigators tried to serve her with deposition papers. The rep also says Courtney hasn't been home much ...

Frances says the "priceless family heirloom" belongs to her, but he says it's his because she gifted it to him. her rep tells us she's already publicly stated the guitar is a family heirloom and doesn't belong to anyone other than family, which echoes what she told us in July 2016.

Kurt and Courtney met the second time in May 1991 during an L7 concert at the Palladium in Los Angeles. Courtney was quick to brag that her band, Hole, had finished recording Pretty on the Inside, with Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth producing; Kurt talked about his own album, which was still in production.

Kurt was backstage drinking cough syrup directly from the bottle. Kurt was usually meek when meeting someone for the first time, but in his efforts to impress Courtney, he pulled out every name and credential he could—he clearly wanted to one-up her.

Kurt was there for a Nirvana gig; Courtney had come with a friend who was dating a member of the opening band, the wonderfully named Oily Bloodmen.

Already infamous in Portland, Love was holding court in a booth when she saw Kurt walk by a few minutes before his band was set to appear onstage. “You look like Dave Pirner,” she said to him, meaning the remark to sound like a small insult, but also a flirt.

"She is who she is," he told host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani. It doesn't mean I like everything she say and does, nor do I want to spend a year with her in an elevator." Love and Corgan dated before her 1992 marriage to Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, and they reportedly dated again after Cobain's death.