Who is craig parker dating

A bit impatient and quick tempered, Parker can be uncompromising at times.

Craig Parker also is quite hot-blooded and passionate with a strong desire for marriage.

At times Craig Parker substitutes food for emotional comfort and love.

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However, Parker tends to cling to others and prevent them from changing.A great deal of physical affection, closeness and touching is crucial to Craig's well-being, and he has a tendency to overindulge in sensual comforts and pleasures.He is attracted to people who have an aura of mystery about them.Craig is attracted to foreigners, exotic places, traveling and people who can expand his horizons, teach him something, or show him places and worlds he has never experienced before.Craig Parker has good psychological insight into others.

Highly sensitive and rather easily taken in, Craig Parker needs to beware of deceiving himself and allowing others to take advantage of his impressionability or gentleness.Disenchantment with women and close relationships could ensue as a result.Powerful and complex emotions stir Craig Parker, and his emotional life and closest personal relationships are liable to be tumultuous until Craig does some deep soul searching.Daydreaming, fantasizing or other forms of imaginative, escapist behavior (such as watching television excessively or living his life through romance novels) could be something of an addiction for Parker.Craig Parker tends to confuse images with reality and needs to learn to be more circumspect and discriminating.Ridding himself of emotional compulsions and deeply embedded patterns that do not serve him can be tremendously liberating if Craig Parker is willing to do the necessary inner house cleaning.