Who is derek hough dating right now

Christmas is the time when everyone wants to find their other half and just snuggle with them for a bit. A new Derek Hough girlfriend was holding to his armrest when they were in double date with another couple: Mark Ballas and his blond friend.

Derek Hough and Mark Ballas are good friends from the very beginning of the TV show called Dancing with the Stars.

Season 22 of Dancing With The Stars is officially upon us, friends.

It's that time of year when we get to see all of our favorite pseudo-celebrities put on sparkly outfits and attempts to dance with full-blown professional dance partners.

He and Gina Rodriguez (the titular Jane) have been demonstrating their superior salsa dancing skills all over their social media accounts. He recently got the chance to dance alongside a true Hollywood legend, Dick Van Dyke, in honor of Van Dyke's Mary Poppins character and 60 years of Disney movies.

Much warmer today and a perfect 6, of, from the line.

Maybe that is how he is trying to protect his personal life and we can start to think that there is something serious between those too?

Still, it quite obvious that new Derek Hough girlfriend is a very pretty lover for Derek Hough.

Derek Hough and the people who surround him are trying to avoid the topic about a Derek Hough girlfriend.

When asked who she was they just changed the topic and that was it.

He has become a not very well known celebrity after penning Beyonce‘s top hit If I Were a Boy.

Still, it is actually quite weird that both couples looked like they were having great time, but Derek Hough is still hiding who the mystery lady is.

Fans may be holding out hope that we will see him grace the dance floor this season (just once? ), but it seems like we may have to go on without him for a little while.