Who is derek jeter dating april 2016

Log in to Reply If Minka could pass for an Indian I wonder why so many people have thumbed down my comments on Aishwarya Rai when I said that some Indians are classified as Caucasian? Her colouring would be the most common look in a lot of countries.

in to Reply her father was not born in France, his father is American.Rick Dufay facial feautures don’t look very caucasian to me.Minka’s father has Austrian, German, French, Irish, and English ancestry. Minka’s great-grandmother Beatrice’s mother, Helene Charlotte von Mosch, was from a family from Prussia.Minka’s mother had Irish, English, Scottish, French, Dutch, and German ancestry; Minka likely also has around 1/32 Indonesian ancestry through her mother. Sources: Genealogy of Minka Kelly – Minka’s paternal great-grandfather, Erwin Maximillian Ney, on the 1910 U. Census – https://Minka’s paternal great-great-grandparents, Robert Maximillian Ney and Louisa/Louise Rahael Seibert, on the 1900 U. Census – https://Minka’s maternal great-grandfather, Richard Frederick Kelly, on the 1920 U. Census – https://Minka’s maternal great-grandmother, Hazel Agnes Mc Dougal, on the 1920 U. Census – https://Genealogy of Minka’s maternal great-grandmother, Beatrice Aronds (focusing on her own father’s side) – https:// of Minka’s maternal great-great-grandfather, Karel/Karl Frederik/Friedrich Aronds (focusing on his father’s side) – https:// / I don’t know if Helene Charlotte von Mosch was born in Germany.A lot of people don’t really know what some ethnicities look like at all. Alot if it revolves around the poster above called me. Log in to Reply SHE’S DATING WITH DEREK JETER, WHO IS BIRACIAL, AND HE LOOKS WITHER THAN HER, MINKA IS A WOG!


So if a celebrity doesn’t make any native claims, they’re lying and must be something else, but if some pale as snow chick says her 8th generation great grandma twice removed was Native American, it MUST be true and she looks it too? They even thumbed me down for saying France is not in the North of Europe. If you say she looks Mexican or Puerto Rican or Biracial even though she’s not, you get a gold star.

That is some bullshit Log in to Reply You just noticed that? They are saying this woman, who has stated several times that her parents are European, is now Mexican or Puerto Rican. But when Megan Fox says she has a “little bit” of Native in her, yet cannot even name the tribe, what percentage or fraction she is, and cannot even tell you which parent has this “little bit” of Native, we are supposed to take her word for it. That’s sad and yeah it is double standards Log in to Reply her father is Rick Dufay from Aerosmith band.

Birth Name: Minka Dumont Kelly Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States Date of Birth: June 24, 1980 Ethnicity: Austrian, German, French, Irish, English, Scottish, Dutch, likely around 1/32 Indonesian Minka Kelly is an American actress. Beatrice was born in Bandoeng, Dutch Indies (now Indonesia).

Minka is the daughter of Aerosmith guitarist Rick Dufay and Maureen Kelly, and the granddaughter of actor Richard Ney. Minka’s maternal grandmother was Renee Yvonne Dumont (the daughter of Pierre Guillaume Dumont and Beatrice Aronds). Beatrice’s father, Karel/Karl Frederik/Friedrich Aronds, was born in Padang, West-Sumatra, Indonesia, and was of entirely or mostly Dutch descent; it appears that Karel’s mother, Sie Rapia (Maria Magdalena), was of ethnic Indonesian descent.

he emigrated from France to here and her mother is Maureen Kelly. Minka and her mother ABo/TUqrg PKiwo I/AAAAAAAAE4M/Kji0a Uqp FCY/minka Minka and her father, he is to the right of her This message by Me/Quinn applies to all white girls like Ali Landry, Minka Kelly, and Catherine Zeta Jones. And Minka has a sharper chin in contrast to Leighton’s.