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The two men then headed to the Am FAR afterparty at The Park restaurant in Chelsea, where, interestingly, they hung out for a while with Bass and pop star Ricky Martin.Although it’s unclear whether that night’s encounter between Bass and Martone produced any sparks, the latter’s libido would get him in trouble just a few hours later at a party at Wilhelmina President Sean Patterson’s home.So I guess Lorenzo just shuffled along to closest available wealthy gay who can get his name in the tabloids like Marc did. Dating Lance gets their names and faces in some gossip columns and gay blogs.So how many leftovers of other famous guys has Lance been picking up? He also seems to have some money left from Nsync, although I don't know how much.The two men seemed very "flirty."Since then, another insider says Bass and Martone have rendezvous-ed at Paris Commune in the West Village on "more than one occasion," where "it’s obvious they’re dating." Last week, both the singer and Lorenzo also attended Mercedes-Benz Swim Week in Miami.

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