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After High School, Sarah’s nomadic College career cut across four different Universities in six years.

Sarah Palin is a former Governor of Alaska, Vice Presidential nominee, author, politician and a commentator for Fox News.

She was born in Sandpoint, Idaho to mother Sarah Sheeran and father Chuck Heath.

"She's experiencing life outside of Alaska and away from Sarah at last." "She has realized how sheltered and programmed she was." As for the seriousness of Bristol Palin and Kyle Massey's relationship, it's somewhat unclear, as they've been quite guarded about it publicly.

Kyle told a reporter he only keeps in touch with Bristol "every now and then" as the couple are trying to keep their burgeoning romance secret.

Sarah Palin is an American Politician, Author and TV personality who was a running mate to Senator John Mc Cain for the 2008 Presidential elections. Sarah’s dad Charles was a science teacher while her mother Sally was a school secretary.

As a young lady, Sarah boasted impressive looks and after High School in 1984 she contested and won the Miss Wasilla beauty pageant and was the runner-up in the Miss Alaska contest, earning the title of “Miss Congeniality.”After graduation from College, Sarah tried out her hands as a sports newscaster and reporter before she finally settled into politics.

Brainless Bristol is a clueless model for America's deracinated, brain-dead, hedonistic youth.

Half-breeds, or other mongrel combinations encouraging yet more interracial breeding, just what our Jewish rulers want for us.

With her victory, she etched her name in the history books as the first female governor.

She was also the youngest Governor in the history of the State of Alaska.

Before that, she had volatile relationship (and baby) with Levi Johnston.