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Learn English online by practicing with a native speaker who is learning your language.Write or speak English online to improve grammar or conversation.

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Before you begin practicing, please read the free guideline, How To Do A Language Exchange for hints on doing an effective language exchange. I'm korean american, so I can understand korean pretty well, but have some trouble with speaking. I learnt to speak Russian because of my time there and I would like to continue my study of the language and culture ... My name is Josh, I currently live in California, Los Ángeles and been currently self learning Japanese for a few years as well as other languages.

Find an English language exchange partner now, and have fun! I'm fluent in both English and Japanese, but my writing in Japanese could use some help haha. I'm thinking about traveling around Australia aft..... :) I'd be happy to help anyone with improving thei..... Therefore, I find this a great opportunity to practice what I know while meeting new great peop.....

out 4 da doe.dey aint gettin nuttin butta middle finger in der face wen i tellem 2 fuckem.ho never pimp me u c.. bad weather,flooding,poverty,hurricane and injustice, of what in taking place in their country or community. The rules are strict and only I approve who gets and who doesn't. Cute guys who wanna chat with you, and have fun with you on cam. and nearby, but no Offensive language is allowed at all by this I mean talking about another Person's look's there Race, Religion, age, of Beliefs.

This room is to bridge the gap(LINK) between people from around the globe who want to share information ie. It's laid back and relaxed since members will already know some or all and it's invite only. Well, look not farther we have what you're looking for. but No Offensive language is allowed at all in this room, like talking about some one's looks, There Race, There likes or dislikes or there Religion will be allowed This chat room was created so that guys in Huntsville, Al could get together and chat with Friends come in to the chat room and have a fun time chating with other guys in Huntsville, Al.

I originally wanted to learn more about Japanese culture, but have since decided to broaden th..... Agora falo um cadinho melhor, mas ainda tenho practicar.

Sample story: “This hot school girl finds herself very lonely in her home.

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Click on a name for more information or to contact the member. At the moment, I need the most help with my German, as I plan on going to Cologne for university. In short, I want to improve my Spanish and I can easily help you with English or Russian.

Just started a beginners course in Arabic and I'm looking for some native speakers to help a little. I'm a student, I study Business Management at the university.

i like meeting young and able friends who caring, lovely, beautifull and facinating thats why i decided to create this room.