Withings scale not updating

So much so that HMD Global's latest line of phones still bear the Nokia name, despite having nothing to do with Nokia itself.

"We're building technology that fulfills human needs, not just for geeks or the health-obsessed," he says.It all adds up to a very important time for Nokia as it pivots into the digital health realm."They didn't even know about the Withings purchase; they just assumed Nokia was already in the space."Most of Nokia's new digital health line, including the newly announced BMI Wi Fi scale and the BPM , are available now from Nokia.com, Best Buy, Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond, and are headed to retailers like Target, CVS and Apple stores later this year.The only exception is the Nokia Steel HR (previously known as the Withings Steel HR), which will launch later this fall.In addition to weight, the Aria also logs and transmits information on the user's body fat percentage and body mass index (BMI) to Fitbit's cloud.

The data is then synched with the user's online Fit Bit profile.But the most important improvement to the app is the addition of new wellness programs that are tailored to your personal health goals.At launch, the new Health Mate app will ship with five such programs: Sleep Smarter, Better Body, Pregnancy Tracker, Healthier Heart and the Leaderboard.It does offer BMI (body mass index) insights, and of course it still has Wi Fi and Bluetooth so you can sync your data easily with the app, but it doesn't have the sensors of the higher-end products.Still, at less than , it's certainly one of the most affordable smart scales out there, and could prove to be a great entry-level product.While Fitbit isn't providing specific details on the nature of the flaws, it says that, in general, "critical" issues are those which "if exploited could allow attacker-supplied code to gain unrestricted access and potentially go undetected by the customer." Fitbit is right now pushing out the critical patch, and folks are advised to update their Aria scale firmware as soon as possible to prevent attacks.