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From a group joke turned reality, we cannot believe how we were able to put up such an interesting event even if we usually get raised-eyebrows and half-hearted giggle from those who are too conservative with the word “dating” or worst, “speed dating”.

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We don’t usually go down the “smells and bells” route, but on festive occasions you can’t beat pulling all the stops out.Christmas isn’t really Christmas until you have seen a hefty censer rotated 360 degrees on its chains en passant down the aisle (the “smells” part).I’m in agreement, and bells mark my progress in the cochlear implant world, 20 months on.At first I could barely make out the sound of bells from the surrounding traffic, then I could just hear a mighty dongggg-dongggg above the noise of the city as I approached, then I began to pick out the bells from further away.–“Payphone” by Maroon 5 When technology changes everyday life, language responds with new words to help us navigate new experiences.

Thus, the history of the telephone and the greeting “hello” are intertwined.“Telu” is derived from a Javanese word meaning “three”, a laughing at topics we agree in and saying “true” (pronounced as “te-lu”).Most people think that speed dating is only for people desperately looking for love.Telephone derives from the Greek “voice, sound.” Imagine how much brainpower it took to make the transmission of voices over wire possible.Still, when the first telephone was unveiled in 1876, one question remained: what should people say when answering?There were two schools of thought, led by two technology titans.