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Now, if she responds with a feeling response and looks down at her chest or touches her drink or her arm as she responds, then she’s an emotional person. You can now engage and establish rapport with her based on the language she speaks.Even if you are a feeling person and she is a thinking person, you will know how to communicate with her.

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That means your profile needs to be instantly likeable, because that’s your golden ticket to her inbox. Ready to take your inbox from empty to jam packed with responses from beautiful women?

If your primary photo and username don’t make a good impression right off the bat, the most common outcome will be #3.

Approach number 1: You walk over and offer her another drink. She already has a full glass of whatever she’s drinking.

Approach number 2: You play the drink mishap off, and proceed to ask her for her name.

Since you’re looking for Ok Cupid profile tips, you’re probably not getting the results you want on this popular dating site. If she hasn’t “liked” you yet, your icebreaker message won’t go straight to her inbox.

Instead, you’ll show up in her Double Take, Discovery, and Search – and your message to her is . These 4 expert Ok Cupid tips will make her want to see what you’ve got to say, and you’ll get plenty of Ok Cupid profile examples for guys that really work!

You are in it to score, or at the very least, get her name and number so that you can connect with her at a later time.

You give a weak apology for being “rude” and, then you ask her for her number. And, then you walk away feeling pretty good about yourself.

A gentleman who can notice details like this is likely to get a date with whatever woman they want.

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Scientists recently identified the traits the most attractive Tinder photos all have in common, and what works for Tinder will work just as well on Ok Cupid.