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Tara comes in shorts, flannel, and cowboy boots, then changes into a dress.

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The 19th season of The Bachelor premiered on January 5, 2015.

This season featured 33-year-old Chris Soules, a farmer from Arlington, Iowa.

During the cocktail party, Kaitlyn, the dance instructor, teaches Chris a dance move. wishing to illustrate a point with an onion, eventually finds a pomegranate. Rose Ceremony: Tara, having had too much to drink, becomes wobbly at the ceremony.

Chris takes notice but ultimately decides to give her a second chance.

Brittany wears a white lace dress and shows #Soulesmates on the placard.

Carly, a cruise ship singer, sings a song with a portable karaoke machine. In total, 30 women are introduced, rather than the traditional 25.

While the date starts off a little strangely, it ends well with Chris giving her the rose.

The rest of the women are back at the house where they bond and wait for the next date card.

Along with Salter, Ashley Iaconetti, Carly Waddell, Jade Roper, Jillian Anderson, Juelia Kinney, Megan Bell, Amber James, Samantha Steffen and Mackenzie Deonigi all returned in the second season of Bachelor in Paradise. Anderson was the first one eliminated in week 1, while Bell was eliminated in week 3.

Kinney, Iaconetti, and Deonigi all quit during week 5.

Later, the group walks down the streets of Los Angeles in their bathing suits.