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Claret or Wine Claret was a popular color in cotton fabrics from about to , and was often paired with white in prints.

Both of these hues have warmer undertone than bubblegum pink, which emerged as a quilt fabric, often as a solid rather than a print, in the twentieth century.

Signature and raffle quilts tell us about families, community organizations, and churches.

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Butterscotch prints are often small, with the motifs closely packed together.

Cadet Blue Cadet blue is a light blue that was first used around and was most popular in the period from about to It is often paired with white in prints.

I began publishing my educational website, New Pathways Into Quilt History; (antiquequiltdating.com), in 2001.

It was noted as one of the best quilt websites of 2004 by Australia's Patchwork & Quilting Magazine and featured in their article.

It is differentiated from another red dye made from madder, Turkey red, because of its dyeing process.

Water was used to make madder red dye, while oil was used to make Turkey red.Bubblegum pinks were used in solids as well as prints.Butterscotch Butterscotch fabrics often date to the middle of the nineteenth century and were frequently used as a background for a pieced pattern.Through Women On Quilts: Interviews, Teleclasses, Webcasts I offer how-to classes and interviews with creative working women, for women.I wrote Antique Quilt Dating Guides..Style for quick dating of quilts made between 1775-1950.In the period before , indigo blue dye was very dark, often appearing black or violet, especially in digital images.