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sometimes, the hardest lessons in life are best learned in recluse. Kapag busy ka nga naman, eh masyadong pre occupied ang utak mo. Kaya ang tendency, kapag nabobrought up ang kilig moment, kusa na siyang tinataboy ng isip natin. I’ve met a couple of princes who look like you and seem like you but who just broke my heart. Strong enough to fight some of the demons that locked me away in this castle myself. I still have dreams of you, faceless and nameless, coming into my life and just blowing me away with your perfection. I must say, though, that I am not in a hurry to meet you. And when the time comes that everything turns upside-down, wala na.

i'm happy because i should be, because with or without anyone, we all deserve a little sunshine. normally, this only occurs when i really am on a tight sched, into something, or stressed out.

life throws us everything and anything, but the choice is ours whether to feel the pain or hit back. coming from a hard time recently, getting into something isn't really in my mind right now.

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In this move the Supreme Court also let stand the rulings of the Circuit Courts that had struck down same sex marriage bans in five states.

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normally, this only occurs when i really am on a tight sched, into something, or stressed out.